Control & Signal Line Filters

Our Signal & Control Line Filters are typically installed within Shielded Enclosures, IT Installations, Data Rooms, Military and Medical facilities. They ensure compliance with the EMC Directive and are competitively priced.


Electromagnetic interference can cause effects on the harmonics to connected electrical equipment. For special or general applications, including but not limited to; Defence, Medical and Commercial, it is important to ensure equipment is not susceptible to electrical noise which potentially may alter the communications throughout the equipment’s transmission.

Control and Signal Data Line filtering is one of the key routes used to reduce the effects towards the electrical equipment by allowing them to work efficiently by suppressing the electrical noise outputted by various connected electrical equipment at high frequencies. Applications that use filtering equipment can work with the following, including but not limited to; MRI & Shielded Rooms, Vehicles and Robotics.

The Control Line Filters and Signal Line Filters are generally a low current filter which is small and versatile to fit in many applications. In addition, the filter works at a high frequency which helps to reduce the noise or sensitivity to the equipment (dependant on the application and design requirements).

In addition to the above, data lines filters are symmetrically matched to ensure data communications are not transmitting data over imbalanced lines and as always, cables used in these applications are shielded from the filter to the equipment to ensure optimum EMI filtering suppression.

Failure to identify electromagnetic interference with equipment may cause disruption to the electrical equipment in place, and worst case scenario may cause the equipment to apply false, inaccurate or distortion across additional equipment that may be directly connected.